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Friday, November 03, 2006


Little George Bush sat on his tush
Warning ‘bout WMDs.
When he got our ear, he taught us to fear.
We must defeat Saddam, oh please!

Dubya made a stop on a US flattop
And strutted. He’d got what he wished.
He stuck up his thumb and said, “I ain’t dumb.
By me was this mission accomplished.”

George made his speeching a new kind of teaching
‘Bout how any questions were treason.
But as he was spinning ‘bout how we were winning,
Iraqi snipers and bombs were in season.

Bush never strayed from the path he had laid,
A path he said we must endorse.
The terrororists win if we ever give in
So we must all stay the course.

While George was out stumping, he kept on tub thumping
‘Bout how things were great in Iraq.
“It’s better each hour. We’re growing in power.
A decade, we’ll start bringing boys back.”


Anonymous Mark Ford said...

The installment for 2007 will be written in a few minutes tonight, January 10 --- "After 3,000 deaths and nearly four years of war, additional troops, let's send some more; when will it end? Probably never; 'W' stands for 'Worst President ever'

5:52 PM  

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