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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Whenever Johnny Kerry went out West,
We people who were voters looked at him.
He was a gentleman, one of our best,
Clean favored and tuburcularly slim.

And he seemed always dressed in gray.
And he was rather turgid when he spoke.
He didn’t inspire liberals on his best day,
And God knows he couldn’t tell a joke!

His wife was rich -- yes, richer than a Trump --
And he’d been taught at Yale’s respected school
So even though he campaigned like a lump,
We favored him o’er that loony Texas fool.

So on we worked and hoped for what is right
But feared Diebold, Florida, and the South.
And Johnny Kerry one calm summer night
Went out and put his big foot in his mouth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The same school W went too.

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Gallup said...

Senator Kerry's comment did not alter the public polls one iota. Why? Because, while no one wanted to say it, everyone knew that what he said was true. Many folks join the military because their options are the military or Wal-Mart.

(By the way ... Kerry never said that those in the military are dumb. Kerry said that better grades keep you from getting killed in military action. Duh. What, did W think HS grads were allowed into West Point or Annapolis, to become officers --- who have a less likely chance of being killed --- based on a lottery?)

This whole business of people yaking about "oh the horrible thing John Kerry said" was much ado about nothing.

6:54 PM  

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